Traveling is great for the mind, body, and soul but it can also be overwhelming for individuals who thrive off routine. While you may want to travel and enjoy it once you arrive at your destination, if you are a planner, you may have some anxiety about your routine being thrown off track. A workout routine is the most thrown off because you are not in your normal environment. If you are a yogi, traveling can throw you off completely because you are not near your normal yoga studio or in your own home to roll out your mat. Luckily, most hotels have gyms or other workout spaces where you can roll out your yoga mat and you can even do yoga in your hotel room. It’s just a matter of having access to yoga practices. In today’s world, you can access any and everything online—including yoga. YouTube has a plethora of yoga videos for you to take with you when you travel.

The other side of traveling could be that you’re stressed and anxious about traveling in general and you feel as though you need a yoga practice to calm yourself. If you do enjoy traveling but you have anxiety and stress about the mere thought of traveling and shaking up your routine. Here are tips that will help you with traveling if you are a yogi who still wants to bring their practice with them on the road. 

1. Plan Ahead

Yes, having a plan for everything is the key to success. Yes, your plans may not always happen as laid out by you or they may actually fold out the way you laid out, you never know. But the beauty of planning is that you will always be prepared in one way or another. Share where you are traveling with friends and family because they may know someone where you are going who knows all of the yoga hotspots. Before packing your mat and yoga leggings spread the word that you are looking for a yoga studio at your destination. Once you’ve narrowed down your search for yoga studios, research the studios you are planning on going to and then choose one by picking the classes you are thinking of going to. Once you arrive at your destination, you will feel less anxious because you’ll know where you are taking your yoga class or classes.

2. When You Arrive

If you can, skip the taxi ride, take public transit or walk! That is the best way to explore the place you are staying and you get to see all of the places around the way on the way to the yoga studio. Once you have chosen a studio that you are interested in try to stick to it because jumping from studio to studio can be frustrating while traveling. Get out there and meet people, talk to people at the yoga studio and find out what they like most about the area you are in and see if you can visit local spots on your vacation. Talking to locals is the best way to find out about the area and you’ll receive the most genuine advice. Finally, send thanks to you to your yoga studio, thank them for having you and making you feel welcomed.

Traveling yogis do not have to feel stressed or anxious—there is hope for you to continue your yoga practice. It’s always fun to try out new studios, especially when traveling because you never know who you will meet. Strangers will most likely become friends when traveling and what yogi doesn’t want more yogi friends?

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