By doing yoga, you’ll not only be more flexible, but your emotional state can also benefit from it.

Sometimes, when you’re feeling the most down, reading about how to feel uplifted can make you feel even more lost and sidetracked.


First and foremost, listen to your needs and what your body is communicating with you. But also listen to others. You’re such an elevated spirit if you’re a good listener who knows how to give constructive criticism.

Talk to people who had gone through similar challenges in life that you’re going through. I don’t really believe in therapy in the traditional sense. But there is therapy through talking to others who have experienced similar feelings that you’re going through now.

Be physically well 

Resort to things that are known to you such as exercises or physical practices that make you feel good.

Fuel your body with good eats and foods that are songs to your soul and not only the body.

Start by carrying your shoulders back and chest out. Your posture says so many more words to the world around you before you even open your mouth.

Take benefits of a structured life.

For example, make a short yoga or a different type of exercise routine in your daily practice. Routines and structures are good for your soul as well as for your body. Make sure that within those, you change details so you don’t get bored with them.

  • Commit to healthy habits.

If you cannot commit to yourself, how do you expect yourself thriving in any other way?

  • Be real with yourself. 

When things are not working, access the process and be willing to change things. I get it, change is scary, but the way to growth only goes up. So, what do you have to lose?

  • Create healthy and predictable sleeping routines.

If it means taking the extra couple of minutes at night to detach yourself from electronics, read a book, or do a meditation or an on-bed yoga or a stretching sequence – commit to it. Know and understand the benefits of what you’re doing before you immerse yourself into those activities.

Having a structured life helps you inspire taking better care of yourself. A little moving or structured exercise like yoga gives you a healthy dose of happy chemicals. It helps you bring your breath to a regular and improved rhythm. Actually, in times of anxiety, your breath is the one that calms you. So, don’t overlook its significance.

The gratification might not be instant. But when you keep at your healthy habits, you’ll see results. As in exercise, you’ll see improved stamina and strength. With breathing and stretching practices, you’ll see how your body gets more and more flexible, and in turn, you open more space within your soul for new ventures and victories.

Exercising is a quality time spent with yourself. It’s like spoiling yourself without splurging. Pampering doesn’t have to come with luxurious spa treatments – though sometimes, that’s extremely nice and needed, too. You can make pampering low budget by adding elements of pleasant sounds, scents, and eye-pleasing visuals to your relaxing or stretching workout routines.

Make your own rules of practice. Focus on breathing, but first and foremost, on personal growth.

It’s OK, or better, it’s necessary to put yourself first. Listen to what you need. Accept it. Surrender, and when needed, let things go.

Tell me how you keep yourself grounded. A little pumping of your blood will help clear both your mind and the kinks that you’ve acquired through the body. So, if nothing else, commit to a short stretching and breathing exercise routine each day. You might be surprised at the results you’ll see. There’s nothing not to love about yourself when you’re in love with your own body and the person that you are. It will surely shine through your confidence.

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